Think back a couple months ago, if I said the phrase "social distancing" to you, would you even have had a clue what I was talking about? How about if I told you that you would still be able to get vehicle maintenance done, but you can't leave your auto and they whole process will be different. You would have thought I was crazy, right?! But social distancing and new ways to get the old job done are the new normal for us nowadays, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing!

I needed an oil change on my Silverado. To be honest, it was overdue and needed to be done sooner than later. Since my profession is considered essential to distributing information to the public, it is important that my vehicles are running at top shape. The good news is that vehicle maintenance and mechanic shops are considered essential businesses and they are open. I had heard numerous shops around Amarillo had changed their way of conducting business to practice social distancing and keep themselves and their customers safe. I figured if I needed an oil change done, why not share that experience with you so you can see first hand just how safe and easy the process can be to keep life moving at as normal a pace as we can.

Check out the video above that I shot at our local Jiffy Lube on Georgia Street here in Amarillo. The whole process was very simple, they took great care or me, and I left knowing that my truck is good to go no matter when I need it. While I shot the video at Jiffy Lube, know that many area maintenance shops are practicing the same safety techniques. I do want to thank the crew at Jiffy Lube for helping me with the video and be some kind to allow me in with a camera and take some extra of their time to do this video for you. By the way, I was in and out in about 25 minutes and didn't have to move a muscle!

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