I know this is not a fun topic to discuss. It does not kick off any party... but we are all going to die. I just have a plan!

No, I didn't plan how I will die. I am not that morbid.....but I wanted a plan for when it does happen. I don't want my only child to have to deal with that stress herself. So I did it myself.

I have been pretty stubborn and independent in life...so why not in death too? So just back in January I went to Boxwell Brothers and bought and paid for the end of my life.

I get it.....I'm not THAT old....but age doesn't matter. I have had a good amount of friends pass away this year....so you never know when it is your time.

Even when I went in for my appointment, Bart, kept telling me how young I was and though I appreciate that...I also know that my daughter will appreciate me going through this.

So when it does eventually happen....all Faith has to do is post a cool status from my Facebook page....just to mess with people.

All I want then is for my friends to come to my house with their favorite bottle of wine...and maybe some food for Faith. Then everyone can eat and toast to my life.



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