Joey + Rory singer Joey Feek was laid to rest on Tuesday (March 8) at a private ceremony on the couple's farm in Pottsville, Tenn., and her husband Rory has shared some extraordinary photos from the event at his blog, This Life I Live.

Joey passed away last Friday (March 4) after battling cancer for much of the last two years. Her courage and faith in the face of her battle inspired fans around the world, who followed her brave battle closely through Rory's blog and posts to social media.

Rory says his wife's final resting place is in a grove of sassafras tress behind the farmhouse that he now occupies with the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Indiana. That's where he gathered with family and friends to say a final farewell to "the greatest person I have ever known," with the Isaacs on hand to sing "It Is Well With My Soul." Gospel legend Bill Gaither was also present to share stories about Joey, as was Jerry Young, the hometown pastor who baptized her as a child.

Joey's close friend, Sandy Lawrence, also sang "When I'm Gone," the haunting song she wrote that Joey + Rory included on their final album, Hymns That Are Important To Us.

"When it came my time to speak, I walked up on the stage and stood looking at my wife’s sweet picture… and words were not enough to let her know how much she meant to me – how much she still means to me," Rory shares, along with a photograph of him kissing his wife's picture at the service.

A video of Joey's life also played, set to the Iris Dement song "After You're Gone" as she had requested.

"Joey’s one hope was that she could 'come home' on a beautiful day… and it oh, it was," Rory writes. "The daffodils were blooming, the grass was green and sky was bright blue."

After most of the guests had gone, Rory and Indy took one last walk to visit the grave site.

"And then we took a deep breath and did what Joey would want us to do," he writes. "We remembered that she's still with us. She'll always be with us. In our hearts. Forever."

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