I'm just not going to let anyone cop-out on this.

I know some of you want to let this topic go, but when I hear about a kid freezing to death in his mobile home, I kinda refuse to stop.

So let's take a fictional scenario and make it fun. Let's say we are told that due to some event down south, up to a trillion flying spiders may be coming our way.  After assembling the crew, here's how you approach things.

You ask questions and you ask a lot of them. It's so simple. Just put on your Willy Wonka hat and travel with me to a land of pure imagination. Here's what I'd ask my crew.

  • Do these spiders bite? If they do, what is the treatment?
  • Will these spiders gum up any of our systems?
  • Will they cause power interruptions?
  • Will they pollute the areas where they land?
  • Will they eat crops or hurt livestock?
  • What will kill them?
  • Is there any way to avoid them?
  • How should a resident deal with them?
  • Will they cause people to be homebound, or disrupt schools or businesses?
  • How long will the threat last? Can we stop them from breeding?
  • What tools do we already have to help us in this fight? What tools can we borrow?
  • How have other places managed this problem?

I guess I could keep typing questions and sub-questions all day, but it doesn't take much to plan for events like this. In fact, I recommend you use this type of process the next time you are facing an event. Just write down all the scenarios and how you would deal with them and you can calmly put a plan into effect.

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