Christmas time can get pretty expensive.  You have the pressure of buying gifts for your family, good friends and sometimes co-workers.  Then, on top of that you have to buy gift wrapper or gift bags that can get pretty pricey.  Well, not anymore.  Here are a few ideas to help you save money on wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper can get expensive fast.  Some of it costs $5 for a roll that runs out way to quick.  Well, there are actually things around the house that can be used for gift wrapping and save you money.

1. Make Your Own

This sounds like a task, but it really is easy and you can get your kids involved.  I found a huge package of packing paper.  Not sure why I had it, so I decided to turn it into wrapping paper.  I got some of my son's paint and let him make some with hand prints on it for grandma.  You can also use tissue paper, which is way less expensive than wrapping paper and stencils.  Just have fun with it.

2. Use Old Magazines

If you try to find the holiday magazines, it will work perfectly for a holiday themed wrapper.  And you are recycling in a sense so it is a good thing all around.

3. Jars

We buy fruit that comes in glass jars.  Instead of throwing them away, you can use them instead of gift bags.  Just add your own touches, like paint or a ribbon.  It will look cute and be personalized.

Here is a video that shows how to accomplish each one of these.  Enjoy!

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