As we learned in History class, Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. That is over 500 years ago. Now, imagine finding a human bone that is older than that. That happened along the Brazos River recently according to KHOU.

Scott Fuller came to the river to do a little fishing. Fuller said he spotted the bone in the water about a foot or two off the bank. He called authorities to take possession of the bone thinking this could be part of a drowning or a murder mystery.

But, medical examiners determined through some testing that the bone came from a person who passed away roughly between 1286 and 1398. Now the mystery turns to possibly figuring out who this person was.

Some guess it is from a Native American who populated the area around that time. If so, are there more bones to be found? If these do belong to a Native American tribe, which one?

Once this mystery can be solved, a proper burial can be done.

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