Earlier this year the City of Amarillo added parking meters to Downtown. This is a pretty common solution in major cities to offset the cost of activities like sports teams, arenas, etc.

Amarillo residents aren't always the best at embracing changes so you can imagine the first few months were a difficult transition for some. Many people were not affected by the meters. However,  there were a select group of people who had some pretty strong reactions.

Starting this week there will be more than 60 parking spots added to Downtown Amarillo. There will be no charge to use these spots after 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. The new lot is located south of the historic Levine's Department Store building at 800 S. Polk.

The new lot was graciously made available byMcCartt & Associates. Their heart behind opening up their parking to the public is to make it easier and cheaper for the community to support the Sod Poodles and downtown nightlife.


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