This past weekend I did more eating out than usual due to the holiday and my work schedule. After a couple of stops, I started wondering who has the best "novelty" burger in town.

Novelty burgers are one of my favorite things about any restaurant. They're usually way oversized, have some kind of gimmick attached, and the menu makes them sound like some kind of endurance challenge rather than a meal.

I stopped by Beef O' Brady's and ordered the OMG Burger. 12 oz. of beef, four slices of cheese, four slices of bacon, all of the fixings, and curly fries. It was pretty good. Wasn't quite the behemoth I thought it would be with a name like "OMG."

Credit: Charlie Hardin

Then I went to Georgia Street Taphouse for a Mother's Day dinner after work and found their Frito Burger. Long story short, it's a Frito chili pie on a burger.

I was worried about the Frito burger. It seemed like too much gambling. Restaurant chili, Frito corn chips, bread, beef...I fully expected the bun to be too soggy to grab, the chili to be less than good, and the corn chips too soggy to have any crunch.

Credit: Charlie Hardin

It was surprisingly good and definitely something I would recommend if you're wanting to get away from the same-old-same-old burger and fries. The bun wasn't insanely soggy and held together well. The corn chips were crunchy, and the chili was actually pretty good on the burger.

While these two burgers were pretty good, they didn't satisfy my search for Amarillo's truly great "novelty" burger. I know there's more out there, this is just where the search began.

Who do you think has the best "novelty" burger in town?