On Thursday, May 9th the Amarillo Police Department were called out to Amarillo's Water Reclamation Site after a body was found in the drain at the 7100 block of Cliffside Road.

The investigation and has been ongoing but more details have been leaked.

The deceased was a male in his 20s, 6'1" height, and weighing about 200-250 pounds. He was wearing Nike Shox shoes, men's size 12. He is believed to be white or Hispanic.

After the incident, rumors were swirling about city water being contaminated. Authorities want to assure the general public has no reason to be concern regarding the health of city water.

The Amarillo Police Department has not confirmed as of yet if foul play was involved.

The case is still ongoing and the APD feel confident in their investigation but ask anyone with information on this incident or with information that could identify the body to call the Special Crimes Unit at (806) 378-9468.

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