I'm sure by now that most of you know about Amarillo's newest seafood restaurant, The Catch, is now officially open. In fact, The Catch is probably the competitor to Sam's Southern Eatery off Teckla Rd. A few weeks ago during my lunch break I decided to give this new place a try.

For starters, some of you may want to wait until around Christmas at eat at The Catch. I would jokingly say that crowd inside The Catch would be a claustrophobic's worst nightmare. I myself even got a bit anxious with so many people inside a building. The place was not only packed but there were also long wait times. I didn't get my food until about 20-30 minutes after ordering.

No, I am not complaining about the service there. The long wait time was expected because The Catch is the newest place in town. Long crowds and wait times are expected when a new business opens.

To be honest, the menu was a tad bit expensive. In an attempt to be as affordable as possible I ordered the Shrimp Po Boy sandwich meal. The Po Boy sandwich combos would be your best bet if you want to eat at The Catch on a budget. The meal tasted pretty good. My shrimp Po Boy sandwich was actually a lot bigger than the ones I usually eat at Sam's Southern Eatery.

I also liked the sauces and spices that were on the table. They had a Cajun theme to them. I especially liked the Slap Ya Mama spice i put on my sandwich and fries. The Slap Ya Mama spices are also sold at United Supermarkets across the street from The Catch. Another positive note would be the New England feel inside the restaurant. I felt like I was eating at a seafood restaurant in Maine.

Overall I enjoyed my time there. However because of the crowds and high priced meals I will not be in a hurry to give The Catch another try. I would like to eat there again but will wait until the crowds die down.

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