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I woke up with noises in the house this morning that sounded EXACTLY like our cats were fighting in the library upstairs. Bang, crash, spill.

Wait, maybe that noise is the cats fighting in the kitchen. Bang, crash, spill.

Where is that noise coming from?

I grumbled as I got out of bed. Damn cats.

To my husband's dismay, we have more animals in the house than I should admit.

I can't help myself. I spent a summer volunteering at the San Antonio Wildlife Preservation and since then, I've been hooked with rescue. We've got four dogs, three cats, and two fish. As parents of boys and girls, we've also raised an iguana, a ferret, and a rat. Yep, a rat.

We've always sort of joked that all we need now is birds. Trust me, I have tried. Apparently, my husband draws the line at birds. ( Eyes rolling)

The noise stopped by the time I got up and got my robe on so I started to get ready for work. The cats will work it out.

Wait, are they fighting right outside my door now?  I opened the bedroom door and yelled out loud as something HUGE literally whooshed over my head. Guys, there has never been a time when something whooshed over my head at my house.

I was still half asleep and could not believe my eyes.

There in the middle of my living room on the fireplace mantel was this gorgeous bird.

Photo courtesy of Ingra Lee/TSM

Turns out the cats were tucked away in the laundry room which was a VERY GOOD THING as this beautiful barn owl was in distress as it flew from living room to library, to kitchen, landing in random places like the floor as it desperately tried to find a way out.

Now, to figure out how the hello it got in the house in the first place!

Photo courtesy of Ingra Lee/TSM

And I can't even make this up, while I was writing this, my husband just sent me this text y'all! He is coming around to my way of thinking!

The beautiful barn owl finally found one of the windows we opened and flew out. Hopefully, it will return. I've got BIG plans now!

Ingra Lee/TSM

Now that I can get an owl, next will be alpacas! LOL

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