Conway Twitty is a true legend having achieved success in country music, R&B, and rock n' roll. His duets with Loretta Lynn are still celebrated to this day. Is it true that he got his stage name from two Texas towns?

Wait...Conway Twitty Wasn't His Real Name?!

First, Conway Twitty was born Harold Jenkins. It's not necessarily the most memorable name in the world, and it's not necessarily the coolest sounding name booming from the speakers at a concert when the emcee tells you to put your hands together for tonight's performer.

Put your hands together for Harold...Jenkins!

The crowd...does not go wild.

So, Where Did Conway Twitty Get His Name?

According to legend, Harold was sitting and looking at a map when he spots a couple of towns. One is Conway. The other is Twitty. Thus the stage name was born.

But were both of these in Texas?

Conway, TX or Somewhere Else?

We have both in Lone Star State. Conway, TX is the home of the Bug Ranch (as in VW Beetle) and as of 2016 it had a population of 3. It's in the Texas panhandle, right off of I-40.

Considering this, it's a little hard to believe it is one of the towns that Harold spotted when looking at a map. He must have been looking pretty hard.

This is probably the reason why Conway, TX isn't the inspiration. Conway came from Conway, Arkansas which happens to be a suburb of Little Rock.

Twitty, TX or Somewhere Else?

For Twitty, we do have a Twitty, TX. Harold, I mean Conway, admitted once on late night TV that his last name was inspired by Twitty, TX. The admission happened on March 30, 1989 during an appearance on David Letterman's show.

There isn't much in Twitty, TX beside being the namesake for one of the most popular country singers of all-time.

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