We have all heard the phrase 'gold digger' and it usually isn't a compliment.  Nike, an official outfitter of the Olympics, has come under fire for printing the phrase on some t-shirts.

The United States did an amazing job at this year's Olympics. So, of course, we needed a t-shirt to show our team spirit.  And Nike stepped up to the challenge.  They immediately printed a t-shirt that was emblazoned with the phrase "Gold Digging."

Now it may or may not seem like such a big deal, but the thing that sent the Twittersphere into mayhem what the fact that the shirt was made exclusively for females.  We all know that a gold digger refers to a woman who is out to get a man's money.  All they care about it the money.

It's funny because the US women's teams brought home most of the medals.  And another funny thing is that stores like Finishline are almost sold out of the shirt.

So do you think this was a horrible, sexist thing for Nike to do or is it funny and people should just lighten up?

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