Amarillo, Texas has a lot of stores.  People love to shop, but at the same time, people love to save money.  There's a new place in Amarillo that now offers both.

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There is a building on Washington that was originally a grocery store, and over the years has been home to multiple thrift shops.  Now it's a new place to shop and save money on clothes, home items, furniture, jewelry, garden, electronics and every other category you can think of buying.

It's Liquidation Mania

Misty McKinney
Misty McKinney

They buy truckloads of overstock products from businesses like Amazon, Walgreens, Wayfair, and Target.  Then as a customer, you get to enjoy up to 90% off the same products you could buy at the store or online.

Bins = Savings

On Thursday they have their $15 bin days.  In essence, you could get a $200 item for $15, and as the week moves on, the bins get cheaper.  Friday it's $10, Saturday it's $8, Sunday it's $5, Monday it's $3, Tuesday it's $1, and 50 cents on Wednesday.

It's a Treasure Hunt!

You'll also find brand-name luxury items, you won't want to pass up.  They get items from Victoria's Secret, the Gap, Ugg, TImeberland, Adidas, Nike and others.  They may sometimes hit the jackpot, they have even gotten Jimmy Choo shoes.   The savings are passed on to you.

If you're a fan of Shein, they recently had a ton of Shein for just $1.

You can bet they have seasonal deals that will rock your world.

You'll have to go and check out Liquidation Mania, they are located at 1600 S. Washington.  They also have a store in Hereford located at 400 N. 25 Mile Ave on the north side of Sugarland Mall.

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