The ongoing joke in Amarillo, Texas is that you cannot have too many coffee shops and there is one on every corner.

Indeed, you cannot have too many coffee shops.

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Amarillo has recently seen multiple coffee shops open up. Last year, 7 Brew opened, and Ziggi's Coffee is opening in a few weeks, along with PJs Coffee. All of them have their unique qualities. However, a new mobile coffee option is available and can appear on any corner of Amarillo.

Entrepreneur Brendon Fields has launched a mobile coffee business. At the age of 24, he decided to start his own coffee venture, which can be set up anywhere due to its mobile nature. This setup is cost-effective compared to renting or purchasing a building. The new coffee business became a reality just a month ago.

Trailhead Coffee Co.

Brendon Fields
Brendon Fields

I picked the name to kind of tie in to the canyon because my fiance and I love hiking out there and because it allows for good photo ops!

Brendon Fields
Brendon Fields

Fields usually operates the truck alone, but occasionally his fiancee or her brother helps out if they're bored. Coffee is the main beverage, but Fields also offers tea, lemonade, and smoothies.

Brendon Fields
Brendon Fields

Fields' goal is to one day build a brick-and-mortar location for his coffee shop!

All in all it’s still fun and maybe one day if it takes off I’ll be able to build a brick and mortar coffee shop so everyone in town can groan and say “don’t we have enough coffee shops? Why can’t we get a long John silvers”

It's highly likely that in the future, he will soon have a brick-and-mortar location. Many businesses in Amarillo have started with a food truck and then expanded to standalone establishments. Yolo's and Dillo's Burger Barn are perfect examples.

We wish Brandon the best of luck with his coffee endeavor.   Follow Trailhead Coffee Co. on Facebook to find out where they will be next.

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