Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the wildlife. So it makes sense that a Texas-sized gator makes a pit stop at Whataburger.

The giant alligator was spotted crossing highway 59 in the area of Cleveland, Texas, just north of Houston. Coming in at a whopping 11.5 feet, the mammoth beast is just barely smaller than an average family car.

The gator had been clipped by a tractor-trailer as it attempted to cross the busy highway but appeared unharmed. Noted wildlife wrangler Chance Ward was called in to relocated the Whataburger-loving beast out of the area and back into an area where the gator belonged.

Chance Ward became a well-known name during hurricane Harvey for his efforts to rescue cattle and horses during the flooding.

The Houston Chronicle and Fox News quoted Ward's Facebook page where he said that with the help of law enforcement they "safely placed the Gator on the flatbed of my truck and strapped him for the ride. Only in Texas will you get a Gator and Whataburger in the same picture."

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