Amarillo Parks and Recreation released the results from the month long survey they conducted regarding parks and facilities. It looks like Amarillo really wants to keep our splash pads and the zoo.

What Was the Survey?

The survey asked a series of questions related to park amenities and priorities. Several thousand people took the survey, and the results were pretty interesting.

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Looking at the results, and this should be no surprise, it seems like the main reason people go to the park is their kids. Playing was the overall most important activity.

Walking, biking, competitive sports, and casual games all were also high priorities according to the survey.

What Do We Want to Keep?

When it comes to which amenities we want to keep, you might not be surprised that splash pads were what we wanted to keep the most. It's understandable considering we were in the middle of summer when the survey was conducted.

Oddly enough, the zoo received almost as many votes as splash pads. While our zoo might seem modest compared to bigger cities, it looks like we love what we've got. I know that I personally get a kick out of pigs living in an old pioneer town. It's freaking adorable.

What Are We Okay With Closing?

When it comes to what we're okay with closing, it looks like golf, skating, and tennis aren't that high on the list of priorities for most of us.

If you're going by averages, "a golf complex" did only slightly better than the tennis center and skate park. None of them did as well as pools, the zoo, splash pads, or even shade. Even benches did better than golf.

Old and hardly used playgrounds also didn't fare well.

There's Still More To Come

This is all far from over, as Amarillo Parks and Rec point out in a post they made sharing the results. One thing is clear though, parks matter to most of us in Amarillo.

You can see the results from the survey by following this link.

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