A bar owner in tn Denton, Texas was arrested after violating the alcoholic beverage code because he was allegedly intoxicated inside the bar he owned, according to a Denton police report. According to dentonrc.com, police reported they observed a man walking and noticed he appeared to be upset and possibly intoxicated as he was stumbling and staggering. The man was later identified as Robert Somerset Andersen, 37, the bar owner of the Hydeout bar.

Officers entered the Hydeout Bar and spoke with Andersen,  and immediately observed his eyes were red, watery, bloodshot, and dilated. The smell of alcohol was also overpowering. When officers informed him about being intoxicated inside his bar, he said he was only going in to turn the music up and leave the bar. After further investigation, he was arrested due to signs of intoxication, and because his vehicle was warm with his keys in his possession, officers believed he was in danger to himself and others if he drove. Andersen also refused to recite the alphabet and refused a standardized field sobriety test.

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