Amarillo has a rich history of businesses, especially in Downtown Amarillo.

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Back in the 1920s, Louie Feferman opened the Army-Navy store in downtown Amarillo, the store eventually evolved into Feferman's Western Store, and Feferman's was run by Louie Feferman and his son Abe. Eventually, Jerry Feferman (Abe's son) ran the store until it closed. The store was located at 4th and Taylor.

Rumor has it that Paul Newman bought his wardrobe at Feferman's for the movie Hud.

Eventually, Feferman's moved to Paramount Blvd and then to Westgate Mall, the store was closed in 1987.

Although the store is gone, the history remains.  We ran across an old catalog from the store and a few of the now vintage items that were once sold.  We also ran across an Etsy store that was selling a vintage Feferman hat, and we also found a vintage leather belt from Feferman's on eBay as well.

Check Out this Vintage Catalog and Items from the Long Gone Feferman's Western Store in Amarillo

Feferman's Western Store was originally located in Downtown Amarillo at 4th and Taylor. Check out these vintage items from Feferman's.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

It's a nostalgic feeling that pieces of Amarillo history have made their way across the world and are still available to own.

Feferman's was one of the early beginnings for the Amarillo Western store, along the same time as Feferman's, TeePee Western Store was around, and eventually, Lusky's, Boots and Jeans, and West Texas Western Store followed.

It's a cool thing to be able to look back and see the history of Amarillo stores that once were and to know that Downtown Amarillo was once a hustling and bustling shopping area.

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