According to state and local legends, there are certain towns that are generally considered to be the most allegedly haunted in Texas. We'll take a quick look at 5 that are mentioned most frequently.

Now that we are full speed ahead toward the autumnal equinox, many of us here in Longview and Tyler, Texas are looking forward to the 'spooky season.' Some people have already gone full-on into all things Halloween--whether that's eating an entire bag of Reese's peanut butter cups that were meant for future trick-or-treaters (me), picking out Halloween costumes, watching scary movies, or pondering parties they'll be hosting in the near future.

For many people, this time of year also reminds us of all things (allegedly) haunted.

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Since times primeval, people have enjoyed scaring each other by telling ghost stories around campfires or at slumber parties. Sometimes these stories are completely made up while others are at least partially based on 'true stories.' It's these latter stories that sometimes turn into local legends. Or perhaps some of these are completely true. I suppose it's hard to say for sure.

I remember hearing ghost stories about certain houses or churches in the towns I lived in while growing up in Texas. Some of these I looked up in later years and was surprised to read how many people claimed to have had supernatural experiences of some kind in those places.

For example, have you heard the most haunted camp in Texas is allegedly in Tyler? That gave me a pretty good scare, I'll confess. And I often heard about some of the oldest and allegedly most haunted cemeteries in East Texas.

I also remember hearing that THIS is the most haunted place OVERALL in Texas. But, I don't recall ever hearing about entire Texas TOWNS beings more haunted than others--until recently.

And take note, the MOST haunted town in Texas is believed to be right here in East Texas.

Let's take a look at 5 of the towns in Texas that are considered by people to be the (allegedly) most haunted towns in the Lone Star State.

People Say These are the 5 Most Haunted Towns Here in Texas

I remember hearing stories about certain places in Texas being haunted, but never entire TOWNS. Until recently, that is. 

OK, but what about the 'most haunted places in Tyler, Texas, specifically? 

Some People Say These Are the Five Most Haunted Places Near Tyler

Here's a quick tour through the houses, hotels, and abandoned places that some consider FIVE of the most haunted in or near Tyler, Texas.

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