Anyone who has lived in the Texas panhandle for any time knows that we are home to some very spicy aromas. By spicy, I mean nostril-assaulting stenches that make you audibly acknowledge their existence even if no one is around. Two towns in the Texas panhandle made it to a list of the stinkiest cities in Texas because of this attack on our senses.

What Are The Stinkiest Towns In Texas?

There was an interesting article I came across recently that tackled this very question. While I initially dismissed the premise as ridiculous, I found myself thinking about it more and more. We're a state with a lot of different smells. How could you narrow it down to a list?

We have coastal regions that bask in the aroma of the Gulf. If you've never been to the beach, then you aren't familiar with the smell you can sometimes find yourself battling with. Think of a Red Lobster, but less delicious and there are no cheddar biscuits.

We're a state that is known for the oil and gas industry. I've spent my time in the patch, and as anyone who has also lived that life will tell you, there are a lot of pungent odors that come with the territory.

Then, you have the cattle industry. There's no need to say more.

Stinkiest Town In The Texas Panhandle - Amarillo, Texas?


Amarillo made the list, and it's tough to agree with this one. While Yellow City is home to plenty of odors, there is worse out there. You'll be fine most days, with the only smell in the air being a buffet of scents radiating from the massive number of fast food joints we have in town.

I think the title of Stinkiest Town should be for someone who has put in the effort to win the title.

Stinkiest Town In The Texas Panhandle - Say Hello To Hereford, Texas

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Hereford made the list, and no one should be surprised. Hereford, Texas is supposedly the "Beef Captial of the World" and you know what comes with that.

If you've ever driven through Hereford, you've seen the feed lots. You've seen the cattle industry in action. You've had that smell seep in through your vehicle's AC vents and make its way to your nostrils. The smell is so iconic to the town itself, that everyone else refers to the aroma simply as the "Hereford smell."

In Hereford's defense, it's also referred to as the "smell of money." Judging from the aroma in the air, business is boomin'.

Yes, Hereford, there may be a smell associated with your name. However, think of Pigpen from the old Charlie Brown cartoons. It doesn't mean we don't love you. It's part of your charm.

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