I love flying out of Rick Husband International Airport in Amarillo, Texas. It's a smaller airport, sure, but there's a lot to love. Whether it's grabbing a beer, a bite to eat, or just a cup of coffee, there's enough options to hold you over. The staff is pretty nice. Facilities are great. Security doesn't take you hours to get through.

Once on the plane, don't do these awful things you fly out of Amarillo.

How To Be The Worst Passenger Ever, According To An Etiquette Expert

The fine folks over at SkyParkSecure teamed up with etiquette expert Jo Bryant, to see what are the worst offenses we commit as passengers. The list is full of things I've seen on almost every flight I've taken out of Amarillo.

Don't beg to swap seats. If you don't want to pay for assigned seating and to pick your specific seat, then you're stuck picking from what's left over by the time you finally board.

Also, keep your friggin' shoes on. Don't take off your shoes to let your dogs breathe, and never put them on the seat or armrests in front of you. You were raised better; act like it.

Having a beer pre-flight is okay. Having enough to give you college kegger flashbacks is not. We've all had that flight where someone has definitely gone overboard with the libations. Don't be that person.

Something I didn't realize is that clapping when the plane lands is actually pretty rude. It means that you either didn't think you were going to make it, or it's a snarky little insult should the landing be a bit rough.

When it comes to reclining your seat, don't be the person that reclines it the moment you're given the go-ahead. Wait for meals, snacks, and drinks to be done. Wait for the quiet time during the flight.

Just Use Common Sense

A lot of the tips seem like regular, good old fashioned common sense. Be mindful of other passengers and try your best to not upset the flow of the flight.

It's pretty simple. Don't be "that" person on your next flight.

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