When it comes to official Twitter accounts, it's not often that you find them incredibly entertaining. For the most part they dish out some kind of info they figure we're interested in, and that's pretty much that. Once in a while, we get lucky and someone goes above and beyond, rescuing us from the droll hellscape of our Twitter feeds.

If you're not following the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation on Twitter, you're missing the best government Twitter account out there.

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This Is More Than Just Fast Food Twitter Roasts

Wendy's and a few other fast food chains changed the Twitter game years ago when they started going in on each other. Wendy's was unstoppable, and had a response for everything that was thrown their way.

Since the great fast food Twitter wars, other companies and organizations have tried to cash in on the edge-fest. Most of the time, it just wound up being nothing but a glass full of freshly squeezed cringe.

Enter @OKWildlifeDept.

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Is Winning The Game

I've spent the past several days reading through @OKWildlifeDept's tweets. They're hilarious. Whether it's about hunting with that someone special...

To dealing with sightings of cougars...

In an age where social media presence and following is something that your boss won't shut up about, and probably judges you by, this account is winning. Comments pour in from across the country, sometimes involving other agencies in the conversation.

Of course, @OKWildlifeDept knows exactly how to handle the situation...

It's not just jokes. The account actually puts out a lot of information. Go back to Gar Week. Sure, they asked Garth Brooks to drop the "th" from his name in honor of Gar Week, but they also put out a lot of info about gar.

For instance, they mention that gar eggs are incredibly toxic and will hurt your tummy, and you will probably be embarrassed when you go to the hospital and tell the nurse what you've done.

They've also done a lot recently to educate the public on the invasive and problematic zebra mussel.

I highly recommend you go follow the account.

To whoever runs it, thanks for the laughs while I try to keep up with what's going on back in my home state.

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