Something you may not realize about Texas is how much Texans love their wine. We have our own industry devoted to it. I've even learned to enjoy wine since moving to the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, prices on our favorite grape by-product have been going up recently, and in some cities, the prices are going through the roof. Four of the cities where prices are the most extreme are in Texas.

The Cities In The US Where Wine Is The Most Expensive

To determine which cities are paying the most for their wine, WhichBingo analyzed the prices of 1,000 bottles of wine from across the country. They looked at the cost of wine in restaurants, and then the retail cost of the same wine. What they found was shocking.

The top city for overpriced wine had an average markup of 335%. I get wanting to have some wine with a nice dinner when you go out to eat, but that's insane. It makes me think I should start keeping the wine to my at-home dessert.

Cities In Texas Where Wine Is The Most Expensive

In the list of the cities where wine is marked up the most, four belong to Texas. We've got a city that came in second on the list, and then we have 4th through 6th. The breakdown is:

  • Austin - 313%
  • San Antonio - 284%
  • Dallas - 284%
  • Houston - 283%

That means if you get your wine from a restaurant in one of those cities, don't be surprised if you're a little upset the next time you make a trip to your favorite package liquor store. Reverse sticker shock is just as bad as the regular sticker shock.

I understand the markups...a little bit. Costs of everything are going up, and businesses are doing all they can to recoup. You can't be too mad about that. It makes sense. It still makes me sore in the wallet to think about. You can see more about the markups and the entire list by following this link.

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