It's been rough on musicians in Amarillo, Texas this winter. One musician in the area suffered a tragic house fire that claimed everything he owned. Recently, another area musician woke up to discover his vehicle had been broken into and some of his gear was missing.

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Thieves Strike Local Amarillo, Texas Musician

It's one thing to have your car broken into, and then find things missing that you don't really need. It sucks, but you can get over it. It's another thing entirely to discover your vehicle has been violated and that the gear you use to make money is missing. I went through this nightmare scenario when I lived in Kansas City, and saying that it is gut-wrenching is a massive understatement.

Local musician and performer Buster Bledsoe woke up to find his gear missing over the weekend. To add insult to injury, the gear that's missing is the setup that he uses to host weekly open mic and jam sessions. Check the post above for more photos and info.

The Show Must Go On In Amarillo, Texas

Buster does a lot for the local music scene. His weekly jam sessions feature musicians and artists at all levels in their sonic journey. He gives a platform to each of them. The jams are inviting, and the community that surrounds them can't be beat. Everyone encourages and supports each other in the pursuit of that thing called live music.

Hopefully, the gear can be returned to its rightful owner and the weekly jams can continue to help build and strengthen a community of artists. If you know of anything, reach out.

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