Now that summer is officially upon us here in Amarillo, we're finding ourselves out and about more often. Soaking up the sun, doing outdoor activities, and just enjoying the longer days. Sometimes it's just us, others it's a family affair.

When we talk about family, yes we mean your pets as well. They're a part of the family, and a lot of them like to be outdoors with us. However, our furry friends are just that, furry, and they get hot a lot quicker than us.

Sometimes it can be tough to read our pets when they're in distress. Maybe they're just laying down after having a good time playing, or at least that's how we could view it. However, it could mean more than just them being tired.

With the extreme heat of Amarillo at times in the summer, conditions are ripe for our pets to suffer from heat stroke. It's the most common illness with pets, especially in the summer. Thanks to these tips from Cadillac Vet Clinic, you can keep your pets safe in the summer months.

Firstly, they don't recommend taking them outside unless it's under 75 degrees. Now, that's nearly impossible considering temps sit around that overnight. There are exceptions to this rule however. If it's cloudy or you're comfortable outside without feeling "hot", then it's probably safe for them to be out there with you for a bit.

When it comes to how quickly dogs get heat stroke, it depends on their breed so you'll just want to keep a close eye on them. If you think your pup may be suffering from a bit of heat stroke, looks for these things.

If they're suffering from heat stroke, you may see them just falling over, experiencing extreme panting and drooling, or they could have extreme redness of their ears or gums. Any of those signs would be something that tells you they need to get inside. If the symptoms are extreme, you need to reach out to a vet and have your pet be seen.

If you make sure you have fresh and cool water at all times for them outdoors, as well as things such as shirts or bandanas that you can get wet and put on them, they should be just fine as long as you don't expose them to the heat too long.

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