I miss the good ol' days. We didn't have to worry so much about locking our front doors. Heck a lot of us didn't. We didn't all have security systems and cameras to keep our stuff safe.

What happened? When did the change happen? We have to worry about scammers. We have to worry about theft. We can't start our cars and let them warm up on a cold morning for fear our car will be stolen.

Like I said I really miss the good ol' days. Now we have to worry about packages being stolen from our porches. We see friends post about their Christmas decorations getting stolen out of their yards. Christmas isn't even safe. What a sad state of our world.

A lot of this stuff has hitten Amarillo as well. We are not safe from theft happening all over. Vehicles are being jacked. You see people having their trailers gone.

I had the reverse happen to me one summer morning. A trailer was left in my front yard but I have a feeling it was stolen and just dumped on my property. Still pretty sure it was a stolen trailer. Nobody just leaves a trailer randomly in someone else's yard for no reason.

Protect Your Property the Best Way in Amarillo

So with stolen property being such a big deal, Potter County Sheriff's Office is trying to help get some property returned. It's much easier if some of the most stolen items have some way to identify who they belong to when found.

This is where trailer stamping, vehicle VIN etching, and catalytic converter stamping could really help in this process.

Potter County Sheriff's office is hosting a free event this Saturday to make this process easier for everyone.

With all these ways to make sure your property can be easily identified it will make things easier to know you are getting your stuff back. Once the bad guys are caught your stuff will be returned to you.

What a perfect world we would live in if we didn't need to have an event like this but I am glad Potter County Sheriff's Office is looking out for us.

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