When you think of The Big Texan the first thing that pops into your mind is that 72 oz steak (if eaten within one hour). I mean they spend enough on advertising that has to be what they are known for, but really that is not all.

You know that when you have family come to town they want to eat at that place that Will Ferrell was at recently. Do you know that place where Man Vs Food was filmed at? That place where Molly Schuyler ate three 72 oz steaks before teams of two could even eat one? It's a thing. I watched it in all its glory.

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The Big Texan is known for that steak challenge but that is not all. They also built a motel on their property for tired travelers who could stop for a good night's sleep after they ate their weight in steak.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

You can match their ability to serve the world with a great steak dinner and add in several Airbnb's in Amarillo and you got a recipe for Texas hospitality. You have family coming to town and they need a place to stay?

They have the authentic Texas experience for everyone involved. The Big Texan has plenty of places for you to stay. On property and off. A great experience for everyone.

Want to stay in a cabin? Sure The Big Texan has the chance. Do you want to stay in a wagon? Because how does that not scream a Texas experience? All you have to do is head just down the road to Starlight Ranch. That is where you will find this unique camping experience.

Camping and a possible show. How could that not be a great Texas time? Of course, you can check out all of their listings. You will find a perfect weekend getaway for the family. If you have guests coming to town this will be just what they are looking for. Check it out HERE. 

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