These are the days I might just go out and buy myself some chickens. I can make sure I have a running supply of eggs. It seems every time I go to the store I dread the walk past the eggs.

How much are they going to be now? I was talking to my mom in Phoenix and she says we are lucky because she went to three different stores last night even looking for eggs. She was told that she has to be there when they are put on the shelf. They are gone almost instantly.

Why Are Eggs So Darn Expensive?

It doesn't even matter what the cost is. Everyone is snatching up the eggs. Will that become a reality here in Amarillo as well? Will we have an egg shortage next? The price is just crazy so maybe we won't get to that stage.


I even saw a meme on Facebook mentioning that with the cost of eggs, we will have to color potatoes this year for Easter. Maybe that is not so far off. We may not be able to afford to actually color eggs this year for Easter. Not without a small loan.

easter eggs hidden in green grass

Recently I saw my friend, Yolanda, who owns Yolo's in Downtown Amarillo wanting to step in and try to help. She is trying to come up with a solution to make eggs just a bit cheaper for us.

She has eggs for sale. She is wanting to pass the savings on to us. I am all for it.

If you want to take advantage of these savings all you have to do is stop into Yolo's, 316 6th Ave, and get yourself some eggs. There is no limit as of right now but just know that can change.

I want to go back to the simpler times when you can afford your groceries. Back, also, when you knew your stores had the groceries you needed. I am so over the shortages. I am so over the continuously rising cost of just about everything.

At least Yolo's is trying to help with eggs.

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