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No parent should ever have to go through the anguish, worry, or stress of wondering where their child is. It has to be, without a doubt, one of the worst feelings a parent can ever go through. Since March 1st, sixteen sets of Texas parents are going through a really rough time right now because they have a child that is missing and they are desperately looking for them to return.

In many of these cases, there is not much information to go off of. These Texas boys seemed to have simply just disappeared. They could have been kidnapped, they could have run away and just gone off the grid completely, or something worse. These parents deserve to know what has happened to their child. Even if the child has run away from home and wants to experience 'freedom for their parents', their parents would still like to know they are safe.

We are featuring these boys in hopes that you might recognize any of them because if they have indeed run away from home, they could have landed in your hometown somewhere in East Texas or anywhere else for that fact. If you recognize any of these boys, please relay that information to your local law enforcement officials. Let's get these kids back home to their parents where they belong so that a family may be reunited and so the bonding process can begin or start over in some cases.

These families deserve to have their boys be a part of it.

16 Texas Boys Have Gone Missing Since March 1st In Texas

These Texas boys have been reported missing and their families are worried about them. If you recognize any of them, please call your local law enforcement office.

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