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It's that time in the Winter season when Texans look at the forecast and wonder, is it time for Spring? Throughout the state this week, the weather is supposed to be great. High's in the 70's and even 80's through Wednesday then it will cool down some, but even the "cooler" days over the next week or so are expected to be in the 60's and pretty nice for this time of year.

Is Winter in Texas Over?

While the weather appears to be moving towards Spring, let's remember that the first official day of Spring isn't until March 19th. And even that doesn't mean that we will be done with winter weather by the 19th. While no one can say for certain, chances of snow don't look great through the beginning of March, but different areas of Texas have seen snow/ice in March before and it could happen again this year.

Chad Hasty, KFYO.com
Chad Hasty, KFYO.com

Don't Put The Winter Coats Up Yet

Even if we don't see any more snow in Texas this winter. Mornings will still be cool going into March and it's too early to rule out another day this winter below 40 degrees like we saw in Lubbock this past Saturday.

Don't Worry, Hot Weather Is On It's Way To Texas

One thing we know for sure? It's going to get hot in Texas pretty soon. So enjoy the mild temperatures while they last and just be prepared for another cold snap before the end of March. Now, once we get into April, we are pretty much safe from any winter weather.

Lubbock Snow Day

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