New Restaurant for Ramen Coming to Amarillo
When I talk about Ramen I do not mean that block of noodles that we ate growing up. The stuff that we would get and basically lived off as poor college students. I am not hating on that ramen either. I love the stuff. I am talking about a meal we go out and sit at a restaurant and pay good money for…
Welcome To West Texas
It's just another day in paradise here in good ol' West Texas. Most people would think we are about to blown away but no jut another spring day in the west.
I always laugh when hurricanes are coming into the coast and people freak out over 50 mile an hour winds, because I'm just like, …
Better Get Your Tickets Before Their Gone
Concerts are back in action here in the Permian Basin and we couldn't be more excited. Last week we had Aaron Watson, Randall King, and Josh Ward. It was such a great show.
This week we have two more shows that are going to be just as great...

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