One thing about the Texas Panhandle is that we all come together to care for our neighbors.  Borger, Fritch, Pampa, Canadian, and everywhere in between have seen horrific wildfires and many have lost homes, land, cattle, and so much more.   The Smokehouse Creek Fire is the largest wildfire Texas has seen and as of now it is still burning.

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Hundreds of first responders and firefighters have worked tirelessly to ensure these fires are put out.  Thousands of people have come together to help out their neighbors in the areas of these fires.  Sometimes, the only way you can help is by doing what you do best, and a lot of businesses stepped up and made sure these first responders and people who lost everything were fed.

If you are curious about what restaurant and/or food truck is the best in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle, or what food truck or restaurant you should try, then start with these businesses.

These restaurants and food trucks have stepped up and taken care of our first responders and fellow neighbors affected by these wildfires.

  • Amarillo Kettle Corn
  • Antojo's Ice Cream Shop
  • Asada Mamas
  • BBQ Revival
  • Chop Chop
  • COW
  • Dillos Burger Bus
  • Easy Peasy's
  • Element Craft BBQ
  • Front Porch Swing Eats & Treats
  • Joe Taco
  • KT's Mini Donuts
  • Oinks by Wesley
  • Potato My Way
  • Prissy's
  • Rancher Navy
  • Rockin J Barbeque
  • Shelby's Dawgs
  • The Smash Truck
  • Smitty Brothers
  • StiX
  • Sweet Sipz Tea
  • Tank's Burgers
  • Taquiera MTZ
  • Tio Bros
  • Tyler's BBQ
  • Yolo's

Other food trucks and businesses traveled hours from outside the Texas Panhandle to make sure our firefighters, first responders and neighbors were fed.

  • Chipster's Gill (From Bang, Texas)
  • Luceros Food Truck (came from Lubbock)

These restaurants, while not food trucks, still went out of their way to open their hearts and doors to help, in whatever way they could.

  • Bubba33
  • Jesse's Pizza
  • Chris' Kitchen

Plus, those who donated meat to those food trucks so they could feed the masses.

  • Rock Iron Cattle Company
  • Keeter's Meat Company
  • Panhandle Meat Processing/Rancher's Supply Store Front

The next time you consider eating out, remember these businesses that stepped up to help our communities.  These are local businesses and neighbors who stepped up in a time of need to help our neighbors.  Give back to them like they have given to our community.

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