Texas is full of other branches of law enforcement, from Amarillo to Laredo, Lubbock to Tyler, and everywhere in between.  Are all law enforcement equal or do some have more power than others?

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Not too long ago we shared the chain of command with law enforcement in Texas.


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However, one group of law enforcement was not on that list, Texas Game Wardens.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department:

Texas Game Wardens are responsible for enforcement of the Parks and Wildlife Code, all TPWD regulations, the Texas Penal Code and selected statutes and regulations applicable to clean air and water, hazardous materials and human health.

Game wardens are law enforcement officers who follow the same laws and most duties of other law enforcement officers.

Texas Game Wardens have the power to search property without a warrant, break locks and enter without a warrant if they suspect a violation of the Texas Parks and Wildlife code.

Can game wardens go on private property anytime they want to?

According to the TPWD, Section 12.103(a), Parks and Wildlife Code, allows Texas Game Wardens to enter on any land or water where wild game or fish are known to range or stray to enforce the game and fish laws of the state.

According to Landthink.com about Game Wardens,

Federally enabled by court precedent and established legal doctrines, they have a greater ability to conduct warrantless searches than either the police or administrative inspectors. They have general law enforcement authority, and can make arrests and hand out citations for violations of most laws, with just as much- if not more- authority than state police. One of the biggest exceptions is how they act relating to the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits warrantless or unreasonable searches.  Game wardens have broad search powers. A game warden may enter private property without permission and without a warrant, even if there is a posted sign.

Texas Game Wardens do still have to follow the law, but in certain circumstances, have more power than other law enforcement.

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