Office workers across Texas know the pain of receiving a 'reply all' email-- we've heard folks in Amarillo, Lubbock, and all the way down in Beaumont hate seeing their inboxes fill up with unnecessary replies.

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It's especially annoying when it is something that could have been directed to the original sender, not all 400 people on the email.   Once it starts it snowballs and your email alerts are going off every 30 seconds.

Oh no! So and so replied, maybe I need to reply as well

Then the avalanche of emails never ends.  We are all guilty of the infamous Reply-All

There's a way to stop Reply-All!

It just depends on your email client.   For Microsoft Outlook it's under the Permissions tab, which looks like a little lock.  Once you open that setting click on Do not Reply to All, and it is disabled.  However, if you are with a large company the admin may have disabled some of these permissions.

If you use Outlook 2019, 2016, or 365

  • Select Message
  • Open
  • Select the Actions Tab
  • Select the line with Reply to All
  • Click Properties
  • Uncheck the Enabled box
  • Select OK

Hopefully, that will help stop the Reply-All when it isn't warranted.  If someone wants to reply then it will only reply to the original sender, and not everyone included in the email.   For most of us, that will release a little email anxiety.

Now and then there are some situations where Reply-All is warranted, however, most emails do not warrant a Reply-All.

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