Residents of a quiet street in the Martin Road Lake area woke to the sound of gunshots early Saturday morning and they're now looking for answers.

A video of the incident was posted to the social media page, Mugshots of Randall County, yesterday and has steadily gained momentum and shares.

In the video footage, released with consent of the original poster, clocks in at exactly 1 min 7 seconds. Halfway through the video, a heavy work truck is seen cutting its lights on and driving past the home, firing 9 shots at the homeowner's white truck parked on the curb.

The individual who submitted the video to the page declined to be identified but confirmed that they were unaware of anyone who would target their vehicle in the threatening manner seen in the footage.

They went on to add that children were in the home as well as the neighborhood, citing fears that a child could have easily been struck by the nine bullets fired.

Police have been contacted and a report was filed with Amarillo Police Department. The homeowner states they released the video with hopes that any other area residents who had their vehicles targeted in the early morning hours of May 4th will reach out.

So far, one individual has stepped forward to share that their vehicle (also a truck) had been hit by gunfire in the River Road area. A report was filed in that incident as well.

If you have any information to give law enforcement in regards to the shootings, contact Amarillo Police at 806.374.4400 or message the page Mugshots of Randall County to be connected to the homeowner.

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