Breakfast options are not exactly slim in Amarillo. We've got quite a few places that offer up some tasty breakfast options, ranging from breakfast burritos to sandwiches to traditional style breakfast plates.

Some of those restaurants we know exactly what we're getting, and what we're craving. We go to a particular restaurant either for the myriad of options or because we're targeting a specific item on the menu.

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McDonald's is one of those places for me. My order never seems to change. Sausage McMuffin with egg, hash brown, coffee. Every once in awhile I'll throw in a curveball and get an Egg McMuffin, but it's a rarity.

It's not that they don't have plenty of options, I just know what I want. There's many I know who are big fans of the McGriddle's they offer up, and their breakfast burritos are a cult favorite I swear.

Well, McDonald's has decided they don't have enough options, or they just want to serve a different audience. The corporate types at McDonald's have announced there is going to be a new menu item coming to the Amarillo locations starting April 1st...and we're just hoping it's not a cruel April Fools joke.

Bagel sandwiches are invading your favorite Amarillo McDonald's location! They'll be offering three different types of bagel sandwiches. Bacon, egg & cheese is the first one. Sausage, egg & cheese will be option number two, while a steak, egg & cheese will be the third option for you. From what I can see in the pics, the bagel will be lightly toasted to give it a bit of crunch, which is ideal for me.

Pair it up with a hash brown and coffee and I may find that I have a new favorite. I'll be in that drive-thru April 1 hoping I didn't get duped on April Fools Day.

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