Recently released information by the U.S. Census Bureau has confirmed that the Latino population in Texas now stands as the majority.

Population figures by the U.S. Census Bureau estimate that Latinos in Texas make up 40.2 percent of the population. This outnumbers the non-Latino white population which currently stands to represent 39.8 percent of the Texas population.

This landmark statistic has been years in the making, thanks to the fact that Latino populations in Texas have been steadily increasing in the past two decades. Both migration and birth rates among the Latino community have played major roles in the recent increase in Latino populations in Texas.

Most of the recent Latino population growth has been due to births. In the 2010s, 1 million Hispanic babies were born annually, slightly more than in the 2000s, marking a shift in Hispanic population growth.

This is not the only state whose majority population is represented by Latinos. Both California and New Mexico's populations are headed by Latinos. California's majority Latino population stands at a number of 15.8 million in 2021 out of a total population of 39.24 million, while almost half of New Mexico's population of 2,113,344 population is Latino.

In addition to this, Texas also boasts the distinction of having the second most diverse population in the United States, trailing only behind California.

Ranking as the second-most diverse state, Texas holds a diversity score of 70.02 according to the World Population Review. Texas stands third in terms of linguistic variety and fourth in both racial and ethnic multiplicity. Texas also claims the highest Black population, surpassing 3.9 million.

In conclusion, the demographic transformation in Texas reflects the evolving nature of America's ethnic demographics, which continue to transform every year. As this trend continues, Texas stands at the forefront, reminding the United States as a whole that when we say everything is bigger in Texas we mean it.

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