Craig Morgan rushed into the crowd to rescue his wife after he learned of gunfire at the Texas State Fair on Saturday (Oct. 14).

Afterward, he had nothing but praise for local law enforcement.

  • Morgan was the headliner for Saturday night's concert at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.
  • A gunman opened fire in the food court, injuring three people.
  • KDFW reports that the victims are expected to recover. A 22-year-old suspect was arrested.

The "Almost Home" singer's concert was canceled, and local news described a chaotic scene as attendees cleared the area. Taking to Facebook on Sunday, Morgan called the response from Dallas PD one of the quickest reactions he'd ever seen.

"Some of you may have seen me," he says in the three-minute-long video. "My wife was actually out on the grounds when it was happening. So, I ran out to get her and get her back and secured."

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The evacuation order came shortly after 8PM. Police say the victims were two adult males and one adult female, and within minutes of the shooting, Cameron Turner was arrested. A local city councilman named Adam Bazaldua would later add that the shooter and one of the victims knew each other.

On Instagram, Morgan also thanked first responders.

"While my band and crew are blessedly safe, I ask you to join me in praying for everyone involved in this horrific incident," he says.

The singer is himself a first responder and — as of last summer — a member of the U.S. Army Reserves. This Friday, he'll release a new EP called Enlisted that features several high-profile collaborators (Jelly Roll, Blake Shelton, Luke Combs) on four of his most well-known songs and two new ones.

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