Jordan Davis runs out of time by the end of his new radio single, "Tucson Too Late." The song from Bluebird Days doesn't quite name-check one of his influences, but the singer certainly leans into the memory.

Davis and his brother Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins and Matt Jenkins wrote "Tucson Too Late." An easy melody pins his frantic rush to save a relationship that's just about past his sunset. This dynamic — along with a hint of an R&B influence — make it a compelling song likely to follow "Next Thing You Know" up the charts.

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"Tucson Too Late" has already found a spot on Davis' Damn Good Time Tour, which began in August in Georgia.

Did You Know?: Jordan Davis says "Tucson Too Late" was inspired by Keith Whitley's "Miami, My Amy."

Listen to Jordan Davis, "Tucson Too Late":

Jordan Davis, "Tucson Too Late" Lyrics:

I didn’t know if we were over or just on the rocks / Was me thinking I can save us just a mirage / I was burning up the highway kept getting longer / Every turn of these tires she just kept getting goner.

The sky was showing no signs of rain / Ain’t nothing delaying that plane.

I’m racing through the desert / Thinking I can catch her / But losing ground in this Chevrolet / That 747 somewhere between here and heaven / And heaven knows I let her slip away / I showed up and she’s gone, guess I got to Tucson too late.

I wonder if she sat there stirring vodka with a straw / Was she counting down the seconds or maybe having second thoughts / And was moving on made up in her mind / Would she have changed it if she knew that I ...

Repeat Chorus

Now she’s on some silver wings flying / And me I’m on the bad side of good timing, yeah.

Repeat Chorus

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