The "Mega Mentor" has arrived! Wynonna Judd made her first appearance on The Voice during Monday night;s (Nov. 6) episode.

Reba McEntire didn't waste any time putting her old friend to work, enlisting Judd's help to prepare Team Reba for their first three-way Knockout Round. The three contestants competing to keep their respective spots on the team were Alison Albrecht, Jacquie Roar and Tom Nitti.

First up, Judd and McEntire encouraged Alison Albrecht to get out of her head and try to picture she's singing in a more casual environment, rather than The Voice stage. Judd told Albrecht to imagine instead that she was in the car just driving around with the country legends.

During their time with Jacquie Roar, Judd pushed Roar to reach deep and tap into her lower register. Judd explained that more power can found in the lower notes that can then be used to push her vocals even more. McEntire remarked that she understands how demanding higher notes can be, elaborating that she and Judd used to have the same producer that wanted them to sing higher, without the understanding that it's not that easy.

The only man in the three-way heat, Tom Nitti, was up for the challenge of standing out against two very powerful women. McEntire applauded Nitti's choice to sing a soulful song (a Temptations classic) — she didn't think it was much of a stretch at all for the country-leaning singer. Judd was blown away by Nitti, saying "don't judge a book by its cover" before recommending that he ditch the microphone stand and consider switching up his country look to match the song.

Roar started off with a tender rocker version of Maren Morris' "Girl." She made a subtle launch into the song by singing behind a standing microphone before ditching her position to move around and really dig deep to hit those powerful notes.

Albrecht was next up — she decided to sing "It's Too Late." For her take on the Carole King's classic, Albrecht focused on the vocals and didn't lay in too many stage movements. She had all of the judges singing along, and at the close of the number, earned tons of verbal praise from the coaches.

Nitti closed things out for the group with his sultry take on the Temptations' "(I Know) I'm Losing You." While Nitti didn't ditch his country garb for the performance, he did make sure to lift his cowboy hat up a little more, another piece of advice that was shared by McEntire during his coaching session.

Just like the Battle Rounds, all coaches were given the opportunity to offer up feedback to the singers and share who'd they advance in the competition. John Legend tipped his hat to Roar, who he confidently said gave the best overall performance.

Before sharing who she wanted to see grace The Voice stage again, McEntire encouraged all three artists to not give up on their dreams and noted that their voices matter to music.

She then announced Roar as the winner.

The drama of it all wasn't over there: Before saying "goodbye" to Nitti, McEntire slapped her steal button to keep Nitti in the running. Coach Gwen Stefani was also interested in having Nitti join her team.

Now holding all of the power, Nitti said he wanted to stick with McEntire because she'd believed in him since the start of the competition.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC.

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