Ok when it comes to 'lady of the lake' stories, we've heard them all, haven't we? What is it with ghosts of a lady spotted in a white gown near a lake? They walk along the shore aimlessly, usually crying looking for something or someone, i.e. la llorona. I've never had this type of encounter and trust me when I say, I would like to keep it that way. However, if this type of thing is right up your alley, I've got the lake for you. 

There is a lake in Dallas, Texas that is considered 'the most haunted lake in America,' so many bad things have happened there. According to whiterocklake.org, 

One of the best-known Dallas legends is the Lady of the Lake, a ghostly figure who haunts White Rock Lake Park.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash
Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

There are a couple of stories that have circulated over the years about 'the lady of the lake' but one common theme is that a young lady, dressed in a beautiful white dress was spotted by 2 different couples in the 1940s and 50s. As the couples approached the shore of White Rock Lake, this young girl approaches them and asks for a ride, explaining that the boat she was in overturned and she needs a ride home.

Both couples agreed to give her a ride, she provides an address and gets in the back seat soaking wet. During the ride to the address she gave, the couple turns back to conversate only to discover she mysteriously disappeared from the backseat. The only trace of the mysterious woman in the white dress is the wet spot she leaves on the seat.

According to the website whiterocklake.org one of the couples drives to the address she gave

 A middle-aged man met them at the door. He informed them that his blonde daughter, who wore nothing but Neiman-Marcus clothes, drowned two years before when she fell off a pier at White Rock Lake.

And according to Tiktoker @theparanormalfiles, since the lady of the lake incident several other horrible things have happened at White Rock Lake, including a plane crash killing several on board, several drownings, and bodies possibly at the bottom of the lake that have never been discovered. It is like a curse is on this lake and that is why you are strongly discouraged from swimming there.

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White Rock Lake is located in northeast Dallas.

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