Texas can be found everywhere in music; we've seen bands feature Texas in their names, but what about bands named after Texas CITIES? That's what we're going to discover. There are a few named after Texas cities, and some are not even from the United States.

There are 2 bands named after Houston

If you travel to Duluth, Minnesota, there's a group named Houston. They were a short lived group, only lasting from 1999 to 2004. But during their short stint they DID release 3 albums & a few other releases.

Currently there's another band named Houston... in Sweden. Yes, there's a Stockholm Sweden group called Houston & they're still putting out music. They sort of have an 80s rock sound going. Would love to see them actually play IN Houston.

France also has a band named after a Texas city: Austin

Actually, their full name is the Austin Newcomers. From Besançon, France, the Austin Newcomers have put out at least 6 albums on their Bandcamp; the last being in 2009. There's a few songs you can find online, and interestingly there IS a song named after Houston as well.

There's the country rock band named after Midland

Arguably, the most known band named after a Texas city is Midland. They actually originated from Dripping Springs, Texas but they got their name from a Dwight Yokum song "Fair to Midland". And it's a name that's stuck with them since 2014.

Fun fact: they have recorded outside of El Paso at Sonic Ranch. They even named an album after the studio; and they weren't the only group to record there.

Honorable Mention - Sugarland

While the country duo was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, it's hard to ignore the fact that their name strikes a very close resemblance to the real Texas city, Sugar Land. Although the band Sugarland has not said the city inspired the name of the group, it's hard to NOT think of the city when talking about them.

Let's hope to see more bands embrace Texas cities become names for bands; I'd personally love to see bands named after El Paso or Gun Barrel City.

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