According to the El Paso County Attorney’s Office, in El Paso, Texas, the massage parlor named Chen Massage has been shut down due to a "pattern of illegal activities".

El Paso, Texas massage parlor shuts down
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According to KTSM, the massage parlor allegedly had multiple violations that included hiring unlicensed massage therapists and evidence that the massage parlor had advertised on "erotic" websites at least 11 times in the month of September.

All these allegations only made my irrational fear grow! In case you missed it, not too long ago, the Morning Show had a discussion on massage parlors and "happy endings", as they're called.

Valua Vitaly

Buzz revealed that he isn't comfortable with massages because of the whole stranger touching you thing.

Nico and I revealed that we've never been to a massage parlor, in part because it sounds expensive, but for me- it's because of this weird fear I have. Even though I think I should get a massage, my shoulders feel a bit hunched and I feel a knot in my back- I'm not brave enough to venture out to a massage parlor.

Engin Akurt via Unsplash
Engin Akurt via Unsplash

First, I'd like to acknowledge that I know it's awful of me to even stereotype massage parlors as only places for people to get "happy endings" so I apologize. I cast no judgement, if that's what floats your boat, then okay.

My irrational fear is that if I do end up going to a massage parlor and I'm just minding my business, what happens if it gets raided for alleged illegal activity?! And then the next day, KFOX or KVIA is reporting "Joanna Barba of KLAQ was found in a raid of a massage parlor because of alleged illegal activity"?!

That, ladies and gentleman, is my irrational fear.

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