Everyone also seems to know that this particular Walmart in Galveston is super haunted! Known as the Seawall Walmart, many have reported so many paranormal experiences that it makes you wonder, what happened here that the spirits are restless?

It's quite rare to hear of an entire store being haunted; usually it's locations like hotels or houses, but an entire store? Crazy, right? But how would one entire store become haunted?

Well, it's actually a super sad story. In 1900, the exact location of that Walmart used to be an orphanage; it was called St. Mary's Orphan Asylum. And in 1900, a horrible hurricane hit it, and sadly, children and nuns lost their lives that day. The story is quite grisly and probably better explained by this video by The Most Epic Adventures with Rob Zipp.

I guess because it was mostly children who were lost to the hurricane of 1900, it would make sense that the toy aisle is the area that would see the most paranormal activity. And everyone knows this; the toy aisle is where many paranormal lovers head to to get a glimpse of a spirit.

Not only do they say that this Walmart is haunted- a nearby hotel, the Hotel Galvez- is also said to have the spirits the nuns and children! This website says of the Hotel Galvez:

Guests hear phantom children running and laughing throughout the hotel – playing the piano in the lobby, or running amok through the halls. You can hear the sound of their laughter if you listen closely, though the children themselves remain unseen.

Remind me to pack some holy water for a trip to Galveston!

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