As summer begins to wind down, Jake Owen begins to think of anything he can to hold on to the feeling of warm days, lakeside afternoons and barefoot nights. In fact, Own loves summertime so much that he’s willing to put out new summer-themed songs — in September — that he hopes will help listeners hang onto the feeling of warm weather and vacation days all year round. The upcoming summery EP, appropriately called ‘Endless Summer,’ will hit the web and some retailers on Sept. 25.

“It’s been almost a year since our album, ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night,’ came out,” Owen said in a statement. “And, I started thinking that I really wanted to put out a few new tunes that had a summer vibe. So, we decided to cut four songs and put out an EP entitled ‘Endless Summer.’ No one ever really wants the summer to end, right? Hopefully, these songs will be ones that keep the party going into the fall and people will crank them up loud when they are out on the water enjoying their own Endless Summer.”

The ‘The One That Got Away’ hitmaker first announced his upcoming EP at his fan club party at CMA Fest in June. He also gave partygoers a sneak peak at the record by playing a tune called ‘Summer Jam.’

“It doesn’t matter where you are. If you can close your eyes and listen to a song and feel the breeze across your face and smell the smell of suntan lotion, that’s what I love,” Owen explains of his desire to make the EP. “That’s, to me, what I can’t wait for every year. I figure ‘Endless Summer’ is a way of saying that summer is never ending. It’s all the year long, and that’s the beautiful thing about music. When you want to take yourself to that place, there’s songs that do that.”

Owen adds that ‘Endless Summer’ will have a similar feel to his last album, ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night.’ Thanks to the popular country crooner, that means country music fans are always just a few songs away from feeling the joy of summertime constantly.

Watch Jake Owen Talk About His ‘Endless Summer’ EP

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