We all have been there texting while driving or even talking on the phone on the way somewhere. None of us probably think about the dangers or risks on being on our phones while driving. Well the city of Amarillo has proposed a citywide ban against handheld cellphone use while driving, but the board won’t vote until getting more public input on this new law. The law would effectively extend the school zone ban throughout city limits, and City commissioners must vote on the ordinance twice in public meetings before it can take effect. A public meeting on the citywide ban maybe scheduled as early Aug. 28. Hands-free devices are permitted, and one member of the board is considering allowing cellphone use but banning texting while driving.

I agree with the board member on banning texting while driving, because now days everyone has a cell phone. If an emergency pops up and then you get pulled over for answering that important call, then what?  If they ban all phone use, they are going to be people still breaking the law.  They might as well just take away texting while driving, its less safe since your eyes are constantly off the road.

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