We have been watching it for awhile. The price of gas is steadily going up. I filled up my daughter's vehicle the other day at $3.49 a gallon. I watched the final price as it climbed up to $51.

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Man what a change from when I first driving and I freaked out when it went up to $1.09.  I thought I would have to find a way to drive less. Heck what I wouldn't give to see it go back to that. I know that would never happen.

Even over the past ten years gas has had it's up and downs.

Of course this week is Spring Break. Some families get out of town for a quick little recharge. If gas keeps going up about ten cents each day. Which is how I feel it has been going. Ouch.

What does that do to our Spring Break plans? We are not going anywhere for Spring Break but I am driving my daughter back to Dallas after her visit here. Luckily I am riding back with a friend. I am dreading to see what the price of gas will be along 287.

What Does the Rise in Gas Prices Do To Our Spring Break?

If you hadn't already purchased plane tickets forget that. I mean on top of you probably needing more than one ticket. I am sure you want to bring your family. It still seems like it will be cheaper to drive. Is it feasible though?

Last I checked gas prices in Amarillo are sitting at around $3.69. We have seen those kind of prices before but it has been awhile.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

What's Happening to Your Spring Break Plans?

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