Spring Break is here and parents have gotten their kids settled into their routine for the week or they are vacationing.  However, have you ever wondered why this week is the chosen week for Spring Break?

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Why do our local school districts always choose this week for Spring Break?

Is it because this week is the perfect week to coincide with the school year schedule and the different six-week periods?

Could it be that it's the perfect time of year when it's somewhat warm and the snow is still in the mountains of New Mexico?

Could it be that pushing it further in the month mess with testing schedules?

Is it because this is the time of year when teachers start losing it and they just need that week break to regroup and push on to the end of the school year?

NO!  To all of those!

It's the stupid time change.  They choose this week so that parents have to deal with cranky children.  They choose this week to not punish our educator with a bunch of grumpy kids whose internal clocks do not understand the time change.

Think about just how hard it was for you to get out of bed Monday morning after the time change.  It hurt and you were probably grumpy, and you're still probably grumpy.

Now picture one teacher in a room with 20+ children who are just as grumpy and whiny because they are tired (read that in an 8-year-old whiny voice).

This is why spring break falls on this week.

It's so teachers can keep their sanity.

Studies show it takes a week for the body to adjust to the time change, especially the springtime change where we lose an hour of sleep.

Spring Break is a week.  It takes about a week to adust.

Do the math, and applaud our school districts for the genius that spares our educators from our grumpy children.

We deal with one, two, or 3+ kids on a daily basis. Our teachers have a classroom full of them.

This has to be the reason, right? (keep in mind this is all speculation and no we didn't reach out to the ISDs for comment).

Enjoy your spring break!

Make sure you thank a teacher today! They deserve that and so much more!

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