Spring Break is just around the corner and many families in Texas have decided to stay at home because of the rising cost of traveling.  It's a staycation vacation!

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When it comes to having a staycation, you can act like a tourist in your own city and explore all the attractions you might have missed out on for a while. It could be a museum, amusement park, art gallery, or any popular tourist attraction. There are plenty of things to do and discover in your local area.

Where is the Best City in the United States for a Staycation?

El Paso, Texas

Sean Pavone
Sean Pavone

Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso.  El Paso was named the #1 city in the US for staycationing.   Some of the factors that went into determining El Paso as the best place for a staycation were

  • Cheapest Coffee Prices - most everyone loves coffee and you cannot have a vacation without some really good coffee.
  • Meals - the average cost of a meal for two in El Paso is $65.  We're hoping that this is a nice sit-down restaurant and not a fast food spot.   An inexpensive meal in El Paso is $11.
  • Safety: El Paso scored 68 on the list for being the safest city for staycation in the US
  • Green Space: El Paso is quite green and landed at #19 on the list

El Paso wasn't the only Texas city on the list of places for the best staycations, Fort Worth came in second, with Austin at #6, San Antonio at #7, Dallas at #19, and Houston at #19.


El Paso is full of museums, you could visit two museums a day for 5 days and still not visit all the museums in the area.   You don't want to miss the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Licon Dairy petting farm, or Western Playland for all the rides.

El Paso is one of the Top Cities for Thrifting if you love to go and thrift store shop.

The only drawback is that El Paso has one of the highest gas prices in Texas, so you might be paying a bit more for gas on your El Paso staycation.

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